Buy a house in Italy:

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Buying a villa, house or apartment in Italy?

Trust the Italian real estate lawyer.

Vertrauen Sie dem erfahrenen Anwalt für italienisches Immobilienrecht.

Buying a villa, house or apartment in Italy. Trust the Italian real estate lawyer, benefit from my 20 years of experience in Italian real estate law: as an expansion manager for LIDL-Italy and a long-standing real estate lawyer. My team and I will guide you through a secure purchase transaction in Italy.
RA Bernd Oostenryck

Bernd Oostenryck, lawyer

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Italian villa, house or apartment in Italy- buy it easily and secured with the real estate lawyer.

LAVVIT Law firm helps you to purchase your dream house in Italy without problems.

LAVVIT lawyers, avvocati and architects accompany you in the purchase of your property in Italy in a team with an all-round carefree package from the price negotiations to the preliminare to the registration with the utilities, of course also for new construction projects, and:

• Explain the Italian way to buy your dream property in a simple and understandable way.
Protect you from the tricks of Italian estate agents and building companies right from the start.
Explain to you the special features of Italian property law in terms of building planning and building regulations.
Draw up an individual “preliminare” contract in German, Italian and English.
• Verify the seriousness of the sellers & the risks of the property such as mortgages, rights of way, taxes, etc (legal due diligence).-
Enforce special buyer protection clauses that protect you from total loss of the property due to third party claims for surrender after the purchase in Italy.
• Check the property by our experienced architects for illegal installations and alterations (technical due diligence).
Work only with hand-picked notaries throughout Italy who will look after your buyer’s interests.
Conduct correspondence in Italian with estate agents, vendors, technicians and notaries.
• Represent you personally at notarial contract closings throughout Italy.
Advise on tax matters and assist with Italian tax number applications.

Flaggen Italia Germania

LAVVIT is a law and tax law firm specializing in German and Italian law.

Flaggen Italia Germania

LAVVIT ist eine Rechtsanwalts- und Steuerkanzlei für deutsches und italienisches Recht.

Bernd Oostenryck

Master in Ital. Real Estate Law

Nicola Ottaviani

Architetto, Ital. Architect

Nicola Ottaviani

Avvocato, Ital. Lawyer

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What our German and Italian clients say …

„Das Unternehmen in Italien hat endlich seine Schulden gezahlt. Lavvit-Inkasso sei Dank.“
„Das Rund-Um-Sorglos-Paket machte den Kauf unserer Immobilie in Italien zum Kinderspiel.“
Georg und Christina
„Die Unternehmens­gründung in Italien wurde komplett abgewickelt. Effizient und unkompliziert.“
„LAVVIT hat den Verkehrsunfall in Italien schnell geregelt, Schadensersatz und ein hohes Schmerzens­geld erstritten.“
Walter und Clara
„Mein Arbeitgeber musste die Kündigung zurücknehmen und Gehalt nachzahlen.“
„Tolle Scheidungs­anwälte: Kindesumgang, Unterhalt, Vermögens­ausgleich alles geregelt.“
„Unsere Erbschaft in Italien wurde erfolgreich erkämpft - und die Steuererklärung gleich mitgemacht.“
Rita und Heinz


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